Our wine tasting tour begins with a warm welcome from our expert oenologist who will guide you through our cozy winery, sharing the history of the agriturismo, winemaking techniques, and the secrets that make our wines unique.

The cellar is a magical place where the scent of freshly harvested grapes and the wood of the barrels blend to create an evocative atmosphere. As you wander through the oak barrel-lined corridors, the oenologist will explain the wine fermentation and maturation process, making the experience even more engaging.

A passionate cellar master will lead you on a tasting journey of our wines. We will start with our white wines, characterized by freshness and aromatic complexity.

We will then move on to the red wines, which express the strength and complexity of our terroir. The cellar master will introduce you to the different grape varieties used, the winemaking methods, and the characteristics that make each of our wines special.
Finally, we will conclude the tasting with our precious and aromatic vinsanto.

Throughout the entire tasting, we will be delighted to answer your questions, share our passion for wine, and provide suggestions for food and wine pairings.

At the end of the tour, you will have the opportunity to purchase the wines you enjoyed the most directly from our wine shop, allowing you to take a piece of our land and its flavors home with you.


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