Dove siamo


Nature, art and beauty in the heart of the Val d’Ambra

During the millenniums man has transformed nature with its innate beauty in this landscape beyond compare. The colours, the smells, the play of light all emanate an indescribable fascination. Art and history possess immense riches.

The cities of FlorenceSienaLuccaPisaSan GimignanoVolterraArezzo with their villas, castles and palaces, the numerous little towns with their prestigious wine production businesses and farms offer countless opportunities for you to plan your vacation.

The Le Mura property is located between the towns of San Leonino and Bucine. Access to the facility is by way of a private dirt road from the main state road.

Your vacation home is located 55 km from Florence, 20 km from Siena, 35 km from Arezzo and about 1.5 hours from the sea.

There are countless activities to choose from, including fishing and horseback riding. You can also rent mountain-bikes. The gentle rolling hills of this area are filled with shady paths, excellent for walking or mountain-biking.